How to Check Fake/Authenticity University in India

Here are the steps to check the authenticity of any university in India:

  1. Accreditation and recognition: Authentic universities are recognized by the government and have proper accreditation from regulatory bodies. This ensures that the degree or certificate offered by the university is valid and recognized by employers and educational institutions.
  2. Check University Grants Commission (UGC) website: The UGC maintains a list of recognized universities in India on its website. Check if the university in question is listed on the UGC website. If the university is not listed on the UGC website, it may not be recognized by the government.
  3. Check University’s official website: Check the university’s official website for information about its accreditation and affiliations. Look for any mention of the university’s accreditation status and the names of any affiliated colleges or institutions.
  4. Check with the Registrar of Universities: The Registrar of Universities is responsible for maintaining a list of recognized universities in each state. You can contact the Registrar of Universities in your state to verify the status of the university in question.
  5. Check with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU): The AIU is a membership organization of universities in India. The AIU maintains a list of recognized universities on its website. Check if the university in question is listed on the AIU website.
  6. Check with other institutions: You can also check with other institutions such as professional associations or employers in the relevant field to see if they recognize degrees from the university in question.
  7. Check for the NAAC Grade: The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is a body that is set up by the UGC to check the quality of education, infrastructure and everything in between and grade them as per their assessment. Check for which grade has been assigned to the college or university that you are planning to get into, the highest grade awarded being A.

It’s important to note that the authenticity of a university should be verified before enrolling in any course or program.

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